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Why a Foam Roller?

Foam rollers are designed to help loosen up tight muscles and hamstrings so you feel better, a lot quicker. Made with high-density EVA foam that has a sharper and firmer durable edge, the foam roller is ideal for anyone who enjoys Pilates, crossfit, or any other athletic activities.

Easy to use

Foam rollers are incredibly easy to use, simply roll the roller over those aching muscles, those pesky knots, your shoulders, neck, hamstring, calves, and your back. Doing this for a few minutes every day can help you to feel so much better, relieve tension, and help you to get on with your day.

This means you won’t have to wait for your muscles to recover, you can speed up the recovery, and doing so will help you to feel better, more rested, and relaxed. Simple to use, and with a guide book and an instruction poster included in the pack, you can start using your foam roller as soon as it arrives!

Massaging your body

When you use a foam roller, you won’t just be getting rid of those knots in your back, you will also be helping to improve your circulation, and your posture too. What’s more is you’ll also benefit from a massage that could help to relax you that little bit more.

Start to relieve the discomfort caused by injuries, let your muscles relax by using your foam roller as and when you please. Made from premium materials, and complete with a guide book and poster so you can learn how to use your new foam roller, users can have a massage or relieve their achy muscles as and when they please.


Use the balls when and where you please

It doesn’t matter where you are, or where you need to be, you can use the foam roller when and where you please. Easy to store, and ideal for loosening up your hamstrings, the foam roller does not take up too much room, and is therefore ideal to take with you on vacation, when you’re on your lunch break at work, or in the comfort of your own home.

How to use a foam roller

Simply place the foam roller between your back and the wall or the floor, and move it up and down, slowly but steadily so you start to feel it work. Move the foam roller down to your legs and feel, use it on your hands and arms, or on your neck if you wish.

Weighing 900 grams, and available in five different colours, the foam roller comes with a finger tip massage zone, and a palm massage zone, helping you to direct the foam roller exactly where you need it to be.

If you want to recover from injuries a little quicker, or you simply want to get rid of those knots in your back while improving your posture, a foam roller can help you. Use one wherever you are, and whenever you wish, and feel the benefits right away!

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