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Foam Roller for Deep Tissue with A3 Poster – Black

  • Deep massager for hamstring, ankle, back, calf pain for runners and other athletic activities, foam rollers are an effective way to eliminate knots and warm up for your pre workout routine.
  • Locate your trigger point for stress relief; improve sleeping habits. Deep tissue massage for plantar fasciitis, legs, IT-band, quads, and shoulders. Compact travel size 34x15x15cm and lightweight.
  • Improved version to enhance stretching experience, easy to clean high density foam EVA 45 degrees hardness with more durable sharper edge. Can support up to 300kg body weights.
  • You can start using the foam roller with provided A3 wall poster and a colour printed booklet with 34 different stretching exercisers. You can use it at home, office and even take it to gym workout.


The ResultSport Velocity Grid Foam Roller delivers a wide range of benefits to the user; not only does it improve stretching, flexibility, ease muscle and soft tissue tightness, and offer myofascial release, this superb massage tool also works to prevent injury and aid recovery. The roller releases toxins in the muscles when used pre-workout, allowing you to work harder, and hastens recovery post-workout, enhancing your performance.

The foam roller is simple, yet incredibly effective; to use, stretch and apply pressure using the roller and your body weight in conjunction. It is ideal for use on the upper and lower back, IT band, hamstrings, adductors, on the upper arms, and many more!

Constructed of black EVA foam and PVC, with a hollow core and textured surface, the roller is reassuringly strong and robust, making it incredible value for money. A foam roller is a fantastic, and significantly cheaper, alternative to a massage therapist and are used by athletes and physiotherapists alike.

The pack includes comprehensive usage instructions and various roller techniques.


  • Loosens tight/stiff muscles, eliminates and prevents muscle knots, and increases flexibility
  • Works to improve posture, core stability and helps to reduce spinal pain
  • Ideal for use by participants of a wide range of sports from beginner to expert level
  • Specially designed to deliver targeted massage – control the location, type and intensity of your massage
  • Portable massager – measures 34cm x 15cm boasting a lightweight form, perfect for use anytime anywhere