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Spiky Massage Ball Stress Reflexology – 6cm, 8cm, 10cm

  • Feel Better with Relaxed Muscles: Designed to release tight and tense muscles, increase blood circulation, roll around the area of the body that is experiencing muscle stiffness and discomfort.
  • Small and Portable: Different massage ball sizes allow you to pinpoint and target your muscle pain for relief where you need it most. easy to carry in your bag for quick pain relief on the go.
  • For Everyone: Perfect for anyone with poor blood circulation, strained muscles or those with poor posture. perfect for a body spiky massage ball, use before and after a workout, and for reflexology.
  • Top Quality Material: Made from environmentally friendly plastics that are free from PAH & Phthalates, free of glue, and are made using machinery for stronger more durable balls.
  • 3 Sizes for Diverse Health Benefits: Each set contains 3 different sized spiky balls for stress reflexology – 6cm, 8cm, and 10 cm.


  • Soft, spiky massage ball constructed of pliable yet robust plastic for superb comfort during use
  • Set contains three different sized balls: red ball – 6cm, yellow ball – 8cm, blue ball – 10cm
  • Great for hand training, Pilates, massage and reflexology; provides relief from aching muscles and aids circulation
  • Use in a circular fashion for a firm tension relieving massage or incorporate into your workout
  • Easy to clean and store; these lightweight balls are ideal to pop into your bag for use whilst out and about

The variety of massage balls in this set provides the user with a wide array of massage options; they can be used during a Pilates workout, for reflexology and for general body massage. They work to improve circulation, relieve stress and tension, and deliver massage to achy muscles.

The balls come in three sizes; the red 6cm ball is ideal for use on the hands and feet, the yellow 8cm ball is best used on the arms and legs, whilst the blue 10cm ball is great for use on the back. Perfect for use in a variety of ways, you can sit or lay on the ball, press it against the wall for back massage, or roll the ball under the foot whilst sat down.