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Back Massager and Back Scratcher Stick

  • Back Massager and Back Scratcher Stick
  • Apply deep message to the muscles in the back, neck, and shoulder region
  • A useful self-massage tool that is specifically designed for stimulating trigger point
  • Increases circulation, warms muscles, and reduces muscle knots, tightness, and pain
  • Easy to transport and store making it ideal for traveling and using on the go
  • One Hand Operation and easy to use


The ResultSport® Back Self Massage Nodger Stick is a well designed one hand operated tool for all your daily massage needs.  It is simple and effective way to soothe your tried body and get to the hard to reach areas like your back.  It helps to increases blood circulation, warms muscles and reduces muscle knots, tightness and pain.

Why pay £30+ per hour for sport massage therapist when you can do it yourself at office, travel or even while watching TV.

Built with light weight steel handle and spiky head with ergonomics handle design, this is all you need for a regular massage session when ever and where ever you want.