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2-in-1 Finger & Hand Massager Roller

  • INDIVIDUAL ATTENTION – Your joint roller’s Side A works finger by finger to help give you pain-free flexibility. Restore mobility, increase blood flow, and relieve stiffness with your massage stick!
  • ALL-AROUND AID – For when you desire a deep massage, try your roller’s Side B. Perfect for rehabilitation, this side targets pressure points in your hands, relieving pains and reducing fatigue.
  • EASY IN HAND – Enjoy arthritis aids that are easy to grip—on stiff days or supple! Your PP plastic hand massage tools boast an easy-to-grasp, no-slip design that makes kneading perfectly painless!
  • READY FOR ACTION – Your hands are your most valuable tools. Whether you’re a musician, athlete, typist, gamer, gymnast, or artist, fine-tune your finest instruments with your reflexology massager!