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5 Best outdoor activities How to relieve stress

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April 4, 2022

how to relieve stress

Outdoor activities are a great way how to relieve stress. The fresh air, the sunshine, and the physical activity is a perfect recipe for a day spent outdoors. Thus, giving us lots of health benefits. 

Physical Activity done outdoors have been shown to be beneficial for mental health. It has been proven that being outdoors can reduce anxiety and depression symptoms, as well as improve moods. This is because being outdoors provides a greater sense of freedom and control over one’s own life. In addition, being outdoors also gives people a chance to experience nature which has been shown to reduce stress levels and increase feelings of well-being. 

Here are 5 stress relief activities you can do outdoors

1. Running

Many health benefits, including stress relief. It is one of the best how to relieve stress activities. A good way to get some fresh air, spend time with nature, and have some alone time. With no expensive equipment needed, it is one of the simplest sports to learn and play. 

When it comes to running,it is a great way to stay healthy and fit, and it can be done by anyone at any age. Running has been shown to improve mental health by increasing levels of endorphins in the brain which are responsible for feelings of pleasure and happiness. The increased production of endorphins also reduces stress levels which leads to a better life.

2. Camping 

Get back to nature with camping and spend some time with friends and family. Try to spend time with yourself in a natural environment. If you’re looking for an escape from the city, camping is perfect for your outdoor activities list. You can do it in many different ways, depending on your personal preferences.


An outdoor activity that is both challenging and rewarding. That will take a lot of dedication and time to get good at it, but the sense of accomplishment is worth it.

There are many health benefits too. Helping with hand-eye coordination, balance, and strength. Climbing also has mental benefits because you have to problem solve while climbing which trains your brain to be more creative.

4. Cycling

One of the best outdoor activities because it is a low-impact exercise that can be done by anyone and has benefits for the environment. Plus you can get from one place to another. It has good health benefits for yourself.

This is an excellent outdoor activity for people of all ages, abilities, and fitness levels because of the low-impact on joints and bones, making it easy on the body. Another thing is that it also helps to reduce carbon emissions by burning calories which produces less pollution than driving or taking public transportation.

5. Kayaking

Affordable, accessible, and provides a good workout, that’s why it is one of the best stress relief activities. In fact, kayaking has been proven to be one of the best exercises for people who are overweight or obese. You can burn upwards of 500 calories in an hour of this enjoyable activity. Here are some tips to enjoy kayaking! Research has shown that even low intensity but frequent kayaking burns more calories than cycling, swimming, or running.



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