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8 Best Exercises to Try At Home

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January 26, 2022

Dips Exercise

At times like this exercising outside will be a bit crucial due to pandemic but there are still ways to do exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle at home. Dips exercise at home is an excellent way to stay healthy and fit.  

Some people use their homes as a gym and take care of the time and space issue by installing a home gym in the basement or by creating extra room in the storage area. Other people might want to focus on cardio workouts which can be done indoors, while others may prefer yoga, Pilates or simple stretches for beginners. Here are some of the exercises that we can do at home. 

  1. Push-ups 

Push-ups are one of the best dips exercise you can do to work your chest, arms, and abs. Push-ups are also a great way to tone your back muscles. 

There are different kinds of push-ups that will help you achieve different goals. For example, if you want to strengthen your arm muscles, then doing regular push-ups on an incline is a good idea. If you want to tone your abdominal muscles, then doing crunches during push-ups is the best option for you. 

If your goal is to lose weight or get toned abs, then doing regular push-ups with weight on your back is the most effective exercise for you! 

  1. Burpees

Burpees are a full-body workout that require some coordination and good old-fashioned brute strength. The exercise is often used to measure fitness levels and for warming up before workouts. 

Burpees are done by squatting down and then jumping explosively into the air, throwing your hands out in front of you as you jump up. Land on the ground with your feet close together, then push off with both feet to jump up again. Then repeat it all! 

  1. Squats

Squats are an amazing exercise, but they’re often overlooked by those who don’t know the benefits. 

Squatting is a natural way to strengthen and tone your muscles. For anyone serious about working out or just trying to be more active, squats are a must-do. 

Adding squats to your workout routine can help with overall fitness and also has many other benefits such as: Improves muscle tone, increases flexibility, burns calories and promotes weight loss. 

  1. Planks

The plank is a popular dips exercise at the moment, mainly because it strengthens the abdominal muscles and engages your core. 

It can be done anywhere and doesn’t require any equipment, so it’s perfect for those of you who want an at-home workout. 

It also involves all of your body’s muscles so you can do it to target different parts of your body. 

You don’t need to use any weights or machines either – just planks will do! 

  1. Glute Bridge

The glute bridge is a basic and popular exercise that targets the glutes and hamstrings. It is important to note that the use of weight plates, dumbbells, or resistance bands can be added to increase intensity. 

The “bodyweight only” variation requires only one’s bodyweight as resistance and places greater emphasis on the hamstrings and glutes. One can also change their hand position from hands crossed over chest to hands clasped behind head for more difficulty. 

Another modification includes placing feet on an elevated surface such as a bench or chair for increased intensity. 

  1. Lunges

Lunges are a great exercise that can be done in a number of different positions. 

A lunge is a lower body exercise that primarily targets the quadriceps muscles. It can also be used to strengthen the glutes, hamstrings and calf muscles. Lunges are most typically performed with one leg forward and one leg back, but can also be done with both legs forward or both legs back. Lunges are usually done by alternating legs from one to another after each repetition, making sure to do equal reps on each side. 

Lunges are best performed outside on soft ground or on a mat inside because it will help keep pressure off of your knees and will not cause as much stress to the joints as they would if you were doing them on concrete or asphalt pavement. 

  1. Dips

A dips exercise is where you place two long benches parallel to each other, if you have them, or use anything to form a V shape. You then place your hands on the bench’s edge, keeping your elbows by your sides and toes touching the ground. This is so that you can push yourself up and down. 

The dips exercise is an excellent upper body strength training exercise because it targets all of the major muscle groups in the upper body including the chest, shoulders, triceps, biceps and back muscles. 

  1. Jumping Jacks

A jumping jack is a bodily calisthenics exercise that is typically performed to warm up the muscles before exercise, or after sitting still for an extended period of time. Jumping jacks are a high-intensity exercise that can be performed for a minute at a time, and is easy to modify depending on the individual’s fitness level. 

Exercise is good for almost every part of our body. It can reduce our risk for cardiovascular disease, diabetes, hypertension and cancer. It can help in building strength physically and mentally. Exercise can also help us feel happier and less stressed. 

It is important to make time to exercise. So, take your time especially this pandemic time. Enjoy!  



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