4 Easy Ways to Drink More Water

4 Easy Ways to Drink More Water by Tiffani Bachus  –  Source  Water is essential for life. Your body, which is about 70 percent water, requires it for digestion, circulation, respiration, heat regulation, brain function and excretion. Water helps boost your metabolism, reduce your hunger and increase energy level. Thirst is a poor indicator of hydration […]


3 ENERGY HACKS TO SUPERCHARGE YOUR MORNING by Guest  –  Source When I run into other busy moms and ask how they’re doing, the most common response I get is, “I’m ok. TIRED!” Whether you work, stay at home, or do a combo of both, life as a mama is exhausting! There is a constant string […]


Why a Foam Roller? Foam rollers are designed to help loosen up tight muscles and hamstrings so you feel better, a lot quicker. Made with high-density EVA foam that has a sharper and firmer durable edge, the foam roller is ideal for anyone who enjoys Pilates, crossfit, or any other athletic activities. Easy to use […]

Why Weighted Hula Hoop

A hula hoop is more than just a child’s’ play-thing, it is a piece of exercise equipment that can help to burn calories, while you tone up, lose weight, and have fun. Easy to use, and available in different weights and colours, a weighted hula hoop can be a great addition to your workout, but […]