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Hooping and Its Benefits 

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Benefits of hula hooping

Benefits of hula hooping. Did you know that “hooping” is a type of dance that originated in the African-American community in the 1970s? 

Well, hooping began as a way to use up items that were around the house, such as hula hoops, by using them for practice and eventually performances. While today there are many types of hoops available for hooping, the most popular hoop is probably a polyethylene plastic hoop with a diameter of twenty-seven inches.

This is a relatively new form of dance that’s been gaining popularity. Individual hoopers have adopted different styles of hooping over time, from the use of two hoops to more complex tricks with three or four hoops.

Hooping can be done solo or as a group activity and it’s typically performed to electronic music with a fast tempo. In recent years hoopers have been incorporating choreography into their routines while continuing to perfect their spinning skills.

Many people who do not know what hooping is often found it hard to wrap their heads around it. It does not look like any other type of dance they have seen before and it does not seem to have any specific pattern or goal. However, this could be because they don’t understand what hooping is all about. Yes, hooping is more than just a form of a dance or a craze but also a form of exercise that we will enjoy and will surely love to do. Because it is not just filled with fun, but it brings a lot of benefits for us such as the following:

Benefits of hula hooping

1. Burn Calories

Hula hoop burns calories by raising your core temperature and working your abs and back muscles thus it helps with weight loss.

As you move the hula hoop around, you use your abdominal muscles to help keep the hoop up. Hula hooping also works your back muscles, as well as those in the legs and glutes.

2. Improves Flexibility 

These benefits of hula hooping are helpful in improving the flexibility of people because it is a kind of physical fitness. Hula hoop helps to improve aerobic ability, muscle strength, balance, and bone density.

Benefits of hula hooping - Fitness Equipment Store

3. Strengthens Core Muscle 

Strengthening core muscles is one of the many health benefits of hula hooping.The hula hoop strengthens the core muscles because it requires the abdomen, lower back, groin and buttocks to stay engaged and work through the entire duration of the activity. If you get tired or want to take a break you can simply let go of the hoop and rest. 

Benefits of hula hooping

4. Relaxes the Mind 

Hula hooping is a fun activity that people can do to relax because it calms the mind and body. People who are stressed in work or school can use the time after to hula hoop and let everything go. Some people use hoops in place of a meditation practice. 

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5. Improves Hand and Eye Coordination 

The coordination between your eyes and hands can be improved by activities such as juggling, playing an instrument, or hula hooping. These activities engage both sides of the brain simultaneously-creating neural connections that can’t be made while just reading or watching TV. 

Hand-eye coordination is the ability to control one’s hands and eyes at the same time. It is a sensory integration skill that is necessary for many physical activities such as playing sports, drawing, or sewing. The development of hand-eye coordination starts at infancy and continues through childhood; it improves with practice. With practice, hand-eye coordination can be improved and strengthened. There are many benefits to having good hand-eye coordination: 

Improves balance: Having good hand-eye coordination will help your body maintain balance when you’re standing on one leg or walking. This allows you to focus on other things like reading a book or watching TV with friends while your balance is maintained.

Benefits of hula hooping

6. Strengthens the back 

There are many benefits of using a hula hoop. One benefit is that it can strengthen the back. It does this by strengthening the abdominal and back muscles that allow us to rotate and twist our torso and spine. 

7. Promotes Good Posture 

The study found that the act of hooping promotes good posture through an increase in activity in all of the upper back muscles. This activation occurs because people need to engage their core muscles to stay balanced. Good posture is a habit that can be easily developed and hooping is a great way to do it. 

8. Affordable and portable 

Hooping is a new fitness craze that has gained popularity in the last few years. Hooping is an affordable and portable fitness activity that people can do in their living room or at the office. Unlike most other fitness activities, hooping requires no equipment and can be done anytime, anywhere with just a hoop! 

Hula hooping is one of the leading fitness trends nowadays and is a very fun and easy activity to do. It also has many benefits for the human body. Hooping is a good idea to improve balance, burn calories, lose hip fat, and even body fat. So, if you are one of those planning to buy hula hoop, go and grab yours to enjoy and have all the benefits it can offer.  

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