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5 Amazing Benefits of Weighted Hula hoops

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December 7, 2021

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Weighted hula hoop is gaining popularity in the fitness world for its benefits. A weighted hula hoop typically has some weight attached to it, which makes it more challenging than an unweighted version. This can be achieved by adding weights to the hoop itself, or by positioning heavier objects on the ground and spinning around them. 

What is a weighted hula hoop?

   A weighted hula hoop is a specially designed hula hoop that has added weight inside the hoop to make it heavier and more effective. 

5 Amazing Benefits of Weighted Hula Hoops

One of the many reasons why weighted hula hoops are becoming popular in the world of fitness today is because of its health benefits. Here are five amazing benefits we can have in using weighted hula hoops. 

  1. Weighted hula hoops help with muscle toning

           A weighted hula hoop increases the intensity and forces you to work harder than traditional hula hoop exercises by adding weight or resistance, thereby enabling you to tone muscle groups that other workouts may not reach as easily. 

  1. Use Weighted Hula Hoops for Weight Loss

           The weighted hula hoop is an excellent tool for weight loss. It takes the user’s workout to the next level by creating a challenging and engaging experience. Your body will be completely engaged as you try to keep it circling around your waist, hips, and feet. 

  1. It Will Help You Get in Shape

         Weighted hula hoops are an effective way of keeping fit, because they engage muscles in your abdomen, back and shoulders when you use them. 

  1. A Great Stress Reliever

         Weighted hula hoops are a great stress reliever because they can provide a sense of stability and grounding during movement. They also help people learn to move their hips more deeply, which can relieve tension in the whole body. 

  1. It Helps in Practicing Balance and Coordination

         Hooping is a great way to exercise and work on your coordination. The weighting inside the hoop means that it will take more energy from the hips to keep the hoop spinning, which helps build muscle memory for improved balance and coordination. 

Where to get your weighted hula hoop?

   Checkout the ResultSport weighted hula hoops for adults at weighted hula hoops in UK Amazon or you can just click this link to grab yours. ResultSport Weighted Hula hoop features the following:  

  • The Original – The ResultSport Weighted Hoop series was launched in 2008, has sold over 50,000 pcs, used by kids to professional hoopers all around the world. Our hoop comes with 1-year standard warranty. 
  • Take It Everywhere – Comes as 8 separate sections that can be quickly assembled and dissembled – easy to store and carry around. 
  • Loved By Everyone – Rather you are new to hooping or professional hooper, this is for you. Use 7 sections to make hoop smaller and lighter for children. 
  • Many Benefits – An effective way to burn calories, improve posture, lose weight, tone up! Weighted Hoop is more effective than normal hoops – burns up to 300 calories per session. 
  • Weight To Size Ratio – With diameter 100cm (39″) and weight 1.2kg (2.65LB), this provides most effective and enjoyable workout. 



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