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3 Walking Workouts To Boost Your Weight Loss



August 6, 2021


If you want to start working out or simply get back in shape after taking a break from exercise, there’s no better—or more convenient—form of exercise than walking. Walking is low-impact and doable for almost everyone, but if weight loss is your goal, we’re here to tell you that intensity is the key to success. We’re not knocking your typical stroll to the store, but if you want to lose weight, you need to take things up a notch—and these routines designed to boost your walking workouts for weight loss are proof of that! There’s no equipment or gym membership necessary to start getting in shape with these walking workouts, each one different than the next. You’ll incorporate bodyweight strengthening moves like push-ups and squats in our Walk and Sculpt workout, get your incline on with the hill-focused Intensity Interval Walk, and practice interval training with the Power Pyramid Walk. All workouts are 20 minutes long and sure to get your heart pumping, helping you get a satisfying workout done in less time. So what are you waiting for? Lace up those shoes and let’s get walking!


1. Intensity Interval Walk

If you are looking to get in shape quickly, hill walking is one of best ways to make it happen. Using the incline on your treadmill or finding actual hills outside adds the element of a steeper gravitational pull, forcing you to work harder and increase your intensity. Simply put, this helps you burns more calories!

For this workout your speed will remain the same but you’ll change the incline for an interval effect. If you want to take this walk outdoors, look for a nearby hill or staircase that you can use to go up and down instead. Anytime you see the incline increase on the chart, use your hill or stairs to go up and down during that time. Remember, the speed is relative to your fitness level. Slow it down a bit if you are a beginner or speed it up just a touch if you don’t find it challenging enough. Your “RPE” is your Rate of Perceived Exertion, used to measure the intensity of your workout, on a scale from 0 to 10; 0 being nothing at all and 10 being very intense.


2. Walk and Sculpt

Walking will help you build your cardiovascular endurance and burn calories for weight loss. But incorporating a bit of resistance training during your walk is another way to increase your metabolism and look more toned by building the muscle in your body. You don’t need equipment to make this happen. In fact, bodyweight has been shown to be one of the most effective strength training tools available! This workout can be done anywhere, either inside or outdoors.

This workout will alternate short, bursts of brisk walking with bodyweight sculpting exercises. You can walk at your own brisk pace (4.0 mph suggested) on a treadmill and step off for the strength move. If you prefer to take it outside, walk at an intense pace, pumping your arms and breathing through your mouth, stopping in a safe place to perform the strength move.


3. Power Pyramid Walk

This workout will challenge you with intervals that increase your intensity and encourage your body to take in more oxygen and burn more calories. The pyramid-style format will continue to increase the pace each time you get to the next interval. Not only does this give you better results instantly, but it raises your metabolism to work for a longer time after your walking is done.

Use the chart below for a great treadmill walking workout that increases your speed for short but challenging intervals. Make sure to modify the speed to fit your level of fitness. Feel free to go a bit slower or a bit faster to suit your needs. If you prefer to walk outdoors you won’t have a speed measurement so pay closer attention to the “RPE,” or “Rate of Perceived Exertion”.



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