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7 Tips to Lose Belly Fat

tips to lose belly fat

7 Tips to Lose Belly Fat By ResultSport– Source  5/5 We all want to have a flat stomach and if you are reading this article, it is probably because you want to know how to lose belly fat. There are several ways that can help with this task and we will go through them below.  […]

Raspberry and Coconut Breakfast Loaf

Raspberry and Coconut Breakfast Loaf By ALICE LIVEING – Source  5/5 Breakfast loaves are so great for grabbing on-the-go, and this deliciously sweet loaf is a firm favourite of mine in the morning. ‘Bread’ just got very interesting! Ingredients:  Makes 1 (1-lb.) loaf Coconut oil, for greasing175g almonds or ground almonds (about 1 1/4 cups […]

7 Things To Do to Be Emotionally Healthy

7 things To Do to Be Emotionally Healthy By ResultSports – Source  5/5 The L.A. Times defines emotional health as “the ability to maintain a sense of well-being in spite of life’s challenges and stresses”.  This means that we should take care of our emotions and psychological state in order to be able to cope […]

8 Best Exercises to Try At Home

Best Dips Exercise

8 Best Exercises to Try At Home By ResultSports – Source  5/5 At times like this exercising outside will be a bit crucial due to pandemic but there are still ways to do exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle at home. Dips exercise at home is an excellent way to stay healthy and fit. […]

Lemony lentil salad with turkey

Lemony lentil salad with turkey By Healthy Food Guide – Source  5/5 Ingredients 21oz turkey steaks (see tip) 1x 14oz can lentils, rinsed, drained 1 garlic clove, crushed 1 lemon, rind finely grated, juiced 2 teaspoons Dijon mustard 2 celery stalks, finely chopped 1 small green capsicum, quartered, thinly sliced 3oz baby spinach leaves 2 small baby gem lettuce, […]

Cabbage Diet Soup

Cabbage Diet Soup By EatingWell – Source  5/5 Loaded with cabbage, carrots, bell pepper, tomato and plenty of seasoning, this healthy vegetable soup packs in lots of flavor and is ultra-satisfying. This easy recipe makes a big batch for lunches or veggie-packed snacks all week. If you want to bump up the satisfaction factor even […]

How Hiking Can Make You A Healthier Person

5 Ways Hiking Can Make You A Stronger, Healthier Person By DEANNA DEBARA– Source  5/5 If you want to exercise regularly, one of the best things you can do is find a fitness activity that you love—and for many people, that fitness activity is hiking. Hiking offers the opportunity to get outside, get moving, and […]

5 Benefits of Using Dumbbells

5 Benefits of Using Dumbbells By ResultSport – Source  5/5 Dumbbells are used in weight training to work out different parts of the body. These are available in various shapes, sizes and weights. Dumbbells are designed to be held in one hand, with the other hand stabilizing the weight.  Dumbbells are primarily used by physical […]