Falling off the fitness bandwagon happens to the best of us. Because, well, life happens. You move, change jobs, go through a breakup, have a kid, have a second kid, get a dog, need to care for a family memberโ€ฆ Anything and everything can make the most dedicated exerciser stop working out.

If this is you, donโ€™t beat yourself up. Instead, get back into it as soon as you can. โ€œThe longer you take a break, the harder it is to come back,โ€ says Sara Haley, a pre- and post-natal exercise specialist. โ€œItโ€™s like working out for first time again.โ€

Here are 11 expert ways to make your exercise comeback.

1. Force Yourself.
2. Start Small. Remember That Something Is Better Than Nothing.
3. Find The Time. โ€œI Have No Timeโ€ May Be The Most-Used Excuse For Not Exercising.
4. Ease In.
5. Consider Your Season Of Life.
6. Do It For Your Kids.
7. Have A Packup Plan.
8. Sidestep Soreness.
9. Make Yourself Accountable
10. Be Realistic
11. Take It Day By Day

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