So maybe youโ€™ve been less active than normal, maybe youโ€™ve transitioned to a sedentary lifestyle or perhaps youโ€™ve never really had an exercise routine before and you want to pick up some new habits.

Fat loss should be just one goal you have as moving your body more frequently can have a large number of positive changes to your health, and sustainable weight change isnโ€™t just about exercise. In this article, youโ€™ll find our top recommendations and some great exercises for fat loss.

Training breaks
If you havenโ€™t exercised for a prolonged period of time you should consider the changes which have occurred internally, including:
โ€ข Low muscle stimulus
โ€ข Lack of joint mobility
โ€ข Ligaments and tendons

The overall impact of exercising at the incorrect level, intensity and your ability is heightened risk of injury due to potentially having โ€˜weak foundationsโ€™.

Posture will also be compromised if you cannot maintain the correct technique throughout your chosen exercise. Effects from exercise will be compromised and your motivation may start to decrease as you start to detest the painful aches and strains.

What you should do
โ€ข Start off at a lower intensity
โ€ข Exercise for less time to begin with
โ€ข Increase your warm-up and cool-down times
โ€ข Improve your nutrition at the same rate
โ€ข Make sure you have appropriate exercise clothing

Most effective exercises for weight loss
1. Walking
2. Using resistance
3. Larger muscle group workouts
4. Swimming
5. Dancing
6. Mind and body workouts
7. Cycling

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