Need a workout that constantly challenges you? Looking for something that you can fit into a tight schedule? Want to burn fat, build strong muscle, and improve your balance and coordination all at the same time? Then Crossfit may be the right fit for you.

What is CrossFit?
CrossFit consists of a regimen of high-intensity movements that are constantly varied. The mantra for CrossFit, according to its creator is preparing the body โ€œnot only for the known but also the unknownโ€. CrossFitโ€™s success can be attributed to the supportive community, the free WOD (workout of the day), and the dedication to teaching all aspects of fitness, from proper form and movement to nutrition.

Crossfit combines many different types of exercise including strength training, plyometrics, speed training, and endurance exercises. This approach embodies all the major components of fitness including endurance, flexibility, agility, power, balance, coordination, strength, and speed.

1. Youโ€™ll Get Lean and Strong in Just Minutes Per Day
With CrossFit, you can get lean and strong in just minutes a day, 3-5 days per week. Workouts are short, but super intense, taking 15 minutes or less to complete.

2. CrossFit Battles Boredom
Another benefit is that it is never the same routine day after day. Regular changes prevent boredom and enhance fitness. Routines can lose their effectiveness over time as the body becomes accustomed to the workout. CrossFit regularly changes things up to keep the body guessing, giving an overall fitness boost.

3. CrossFit is About More than Just Fitness
CrossFit also teaches nutrition, advocating a specific diet with lean meat, vegetables, some fruit, nuts & seeds, little starch, and no sugar. A healthy diet, in combination with rigorous exercise, is what makes this plan so effective.

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