Wouldnโ€™t it be nice to have muscles like Van Diesel or Linda Hamilton? Undoubtedly, they put in hours of labor and dedication that is required to get their bodies into shape. While genetics can play a part in your muscular build, you will not get anywhere without hard work and a proper diet. A dumbbell workout can be your ticket to toned arms and shoulders.

Below is a list of the 14 most beneficial arm exercises. Select six of these for your workout, and you will need to do them in reps of 8-12.

When you do three to four sets of the exercises you select, you will see a difference in a short period. Here are your choices.

1. Triceps Kickback
2. Rear Delt Fly
3. Overhead Triceps Extension
4. Biceps Curl
5. Stoop Lunge With Biceps Curl
6. Pliรฉ Squat With Biceps Curl
7. Lying Overhead Triceps Extension
8. Upright Row
9. Weight Floor Press
10. Alternating Weight Floor Press
11. Triceps Dips
12. Write Your Name
13. Single-arm Weight Floor Press
14. Plank With Biceps Curl

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