Getting back in shape after the prolonged period of lockdown is honestly the most daunting task. You’ve probably added a few bounds, lost track of your workout, and the progress you made previously is not visible. It’s frustrating!

Despite the bleak situation, all is not lost. As governments lift the lockdowns, you can start all over again and get back in shape. But it won’t be magic; you must put in the work.

1. Define Your Fitness Goals
2. Start Slowly and Progress Steadily
3. Focus on the Workouts You Love
4. Integrate a Healthy Eating Plan
5. Have an Accountability System
6. Personal Evaluation

Think Without the Box
Do not limit your exercise to doing a specific routine at the same time and place. Instead, look for simple ways to integrate workouts into your daily activities.

You can take the stairs instead of the elevator. Instead of texting a colleague, please walk to their desk. You can extend that walk to the kitchen for a break rather than browsing on your phone.

Also, look for family activities that keep you active. Can you play with your kids in the evening after work?

The key is to ensure your typical day is packed with simple exercises that compliment your daily workout routine.
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