Different Types of Exercise and Why Variety is Important

As the saying goes, variety is the spice of life, which also goes for your weekly exercise routine. The importance of different types of exercise extends beyond just alleviating the boredom of routine, but also helps you develop a well-rounded physical experience, keeping your body on its proverbial toes. Focusing solely on one form of exercise may see you excel quickly in that area, but you may also be neglecting the other physical needs, leading to an imbalance in the body and, more importantly, an increase in certain health risks.

What types of workouts are there?

โ€ข Cardio training (aerobic and anaerobic)
โ€ข Steady-state (aerobic)
โ€ข Low- and moderate intensity (aerobic)
โ€ข High-intensity and intervals (anaerobic)
โ€ข Sports
โ€ข Weight training (resistance training)
โ€ข Flexibility training
โ€ข Stretching
โ€ข Yoga
โ€ข Pilates
โ€ข Mobility work

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