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Experience the power of wellness and relaxation with ResultSport’s top-quality fitness equipment. Find the perfect tools to support your well-being and achieving your fitness goals. Invest in your self-care journey today and feel the difference.

ResultSport Weighted Hula Hoop Fitness Equipment
Foam roller for everyone Fitness Equipment
Massage Ball for everyday use Fitness Equipment
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The ultimate your go-to destination for all your home fitness equipment needs. As a leading store in UK, we are dedicated to providing you with high-quality and affordable home fitness equipment that helps you achieve your health and wellness goals.


Discover expert tips, insightful advice on using our fitness products, and inspiring stories to help you maximize your results and unlock your full potential on your fitness journey. Get ready to dive into a world of valuable knowledge and embark on a path to a healthier, stronger, and more balanced lifestyle.

WHY use massage balls?

Fast-paced world forced us to become conscious of personal self-care to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Using Massage Balls is an excellent way to relieve mounting stress levels, sore muscles, stiffness, and improve blood circulation. Trigger point massage allows you to pinpoint and target your muscle pain for relief where you need it most.

Benefits of hula hooping - Fitness Equipment Store

RESULTSPORT Client Testimonials

Fitness Exercise Hula Hoop - Amazon Verified Review
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This may be an unusual story for you. As a teenager I was a hula hoop champ. That was in late 50's early 60's. Now at almost 74 I have had to give up various exercise groups I belonged to as I am a carer for my husband. I thought I would send for your hula hoop so that I can do some exercise at home. I have surprised myself and can still hula hoop like I could nearly 60 yrs. ago, Just not for quite as long lol. I have recommended your product to my friends. Many thanks.
Dawn H.
Fitness Exercise Hula Hoop - Amazon Verified Review
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I love it. Easy to use once you get used to it. Brilliant that it unclips so you can take it anywhere. I used it every days for months until the osteo arthritis in my hip became too painful. I lost weight and toned up my waste, stomach and hips (slightly) and look better for having used it.
Foam Roller - Amazon Verified Review
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Best thing I ever did was to buy this. Had problems with my IT band and after a sports massage was recommended I get a foam roller. A couple of runs after my massage I started to get a niggle again so immediately bought this. Came the next day and it's a life saver. I use before and after runs and even on rest days and I haven't had any problems since. The instruction book is great but to be honest the poster is enough for me as covers all areas of the body at a quick glance. I recommend this 100%. I'm running a marathon next year so want to avoid any injuries. Bought at reduced price but worth every penny of full price.
Mark C
Foam Roller - Amazon Verified Review
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Great value for money. I checked the reviews for all the other foam rollers, they all seemed to be quite similar so went for the cheapest. Was thrilled when it arrived, well made, strong and firm. Had never used one before, but following major back surgery my physio recommended using one for pain relief on my calf muscles. Overall, extremely satisfied. Great product, great price.
Foam Roller - Amazon Verified Review
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I have been having constant back pains , from lower shoulder blade up to my neck, between my two shoulder blades as well - as soon as I received this, I used in the evening and the next day majority of the pain was gone, I felt very soft where it used to hurt & pull. I have been using it regularly since and I am very happy with my purchase. it is strong and quality is good. I also used the exercises printed on the cover paper, I can feel my muscles working as well. Good value for money, I recommend it but be aware it can be addictive 🙂